I am a recent convert to Hubsterism. Is it true

  1. Keith S profile image60
    Keith Sposted 8 years ago

    I am a recent convert to Hubsterism. Is it true

    This is a publishing ecosystem?
    Is this where Hub Caps come from?
    Are there any older Hubsters Behind the Curtains in Hubberland?

  2. mamac32 profile image61
    mamac32posted 8 years ago

    As the unofficial/not-elected/nobody-knows-who-the heck-I-am hostess to HubVille, let me say greetings and welcome.

    Let me address some of your questions...

    "Is it true?"   Idunno...I haven't gotten that far in the required reading yet to make sense of most of it, but it is amusing.

    "Publishing ecosystem?" OK, yes. Here you can find opionated folks willing to inform you about anything from demonic patriotism to what type of hair gel is best for someone in your tax bracket.   Some Hubs are well thought out, use relatively good grammar and serve the basic service of being informative. Others will leave you believing that it actually is possible to have every punctuation key on your keyboard inoperable and that aliens do in fact live among us.     

    Hub Caps? Look around...I am sure there is a link to Ebay for them somewhere.

    "Older Hubsters"...hummm...I am 44...that count?

    "behind the curtains"....no curtains allowed! Everything here is for God and the public to see.

    Again, welcome to HubVille. Have a nice day. I'm done now. Amen.