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i am stumped every time i try to make a hub its says the the content is not enou

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    mdwashpowerposted 8 years ago

    i am stumped every time i try to make a hub its says the the content is not enough somebody help me

  2. webismine profile image60
    webismineposted 8 years ago

    So, as you say the message is self explanatory. Try adding more text content and in addition, if needed and suitable you can try adding related pictures, videos, rss feed etc. to make the hub rich in content.

  3. macbeth25 profile image53
    macbeth25posted 8 years ago

    You'll have to compare what you write with other HUBs.  I've been lucky in that I've managed to avoid that particular comment.  Good luck to you.  Please don't be annoyed, but you also need to watch the way you use English.  I'm a would-be copy editor and am quick to red pencil another's work.  To be grammatically correct, you should have written:   “I am stumped.  Every time I try to make a HUB, it says ‘The content is not enough.’  Somebody help me.”
    It’s always easier to find errors in someone else’s work.  If you like, I’ll tell you a story about a regulation, a missing letter and my threatening to call the SPCA.

  4. tim-tim profile image74
    tim-timposted 8 years ago

    I don't know how much you wrote but I have seen people writing a few lines with the whole article. What they will do is to double the space, that might be the trick. I have not tried it myself. Don't get frustrated. I can tell you that I have the duplicate hub problem myself when it is not a duplicate and original. Don't get discouraged.