How do you set up an autoresponder?

  1. dmacman7 profile image59
    dmacman7posted 8 years ago

    How do you set up an autoresponder?

    I would like to set up an autoresponder fro my emails and on my web pages, but i am in the dark as to how it is done

  2. JakeAuto profile image57
    JakeAutoposted 7 years ago

    While there is software you can run on your server to manage autoresponder emails, the deliver-ability will suffer.

    Using an autoresponder service to manage your mail list and mailings is standard procedure, the defacto standard Aweber costs $19/mo for a list of up to 500 addresses. Otheres start at $9.95 for 250 addresses, MailChimp's Forever Free Plan allows you to run a list of 500 addresses for free (they assume you will grow into a paying customer)