How is online business different from online business?

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    Flavie Lololposted 8 years ago

    How is online business different from online business?

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    OregonWinoposted 8 years ago

    Hello Flavie,

    I am guessing that you are referring to how they work with Hubpages?  If so, then yes, with Amazon you get a portion of the sale itself, a set commission percentage, with Ebay you get a varying amount per click based on how many of the people who click through actually buy something.  I prefer the Amazon option!  I wrote a hub about hot to do it if you want more info and good luck!

    Hello Mr. Silky!  You are in luck!  I just wrote a hub on how to use Amazon on Hubpages!!  I go over everything from how to sign up as an affiliate, to adding your affiliate ID in Hubpages and setting up your capsules with either specific items you select or general keywords...very fast , might take you 15 minutes or so total!

    Good luck! … n-HubPages