how to create a backlink

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  1. kmackey32 profile image68
    kmackey32posted 9 years ago

    I am fairly new to this hubpages and i do not know how to do a back link. Can someone tell me specificially how and to what sites?

  2. Misha profile image70
    Mishaposted 9 years ago

    Kristie, do you want a backlink that points to you hub, or you want to link to something outside HP from your hub?

  3. kmackey32 profile image68
    kmackey32posted 9 years ago

    What up misha. lol. Well I was reading someplace, lol,  to get traffic you have to create backlinks. But i dont know what kind either. lol

  4. Misha profile image70
    Mishaposted 9 years ago

    One of the types on backlinks are bookmarks. But either way you have to figure first what words you want to use in those links smile

  5. kmackey32 profile image68
    kmackey32posted 9 years ago

    Idk i think i just keep having blonde moments. Just when i think i know what im doing my mind goes blank. lol

  6. Dame Scribe profile image60
    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    I am confused now too, lol lol ...create a link to another hub from one hub in Edit mode ...highlight the word on the chain pic thingy in the toolbar pops open...scroll thru the menu to other Hub or paste other URL in there. Save. big_smile hope that gives you a idea

    Link in Edit mode ...have a Link capsule Edit opens...paste URL big_smile

  7. kmackey32 profile image68
    kmackey32posted 9 years ago

    Ok i better try it tommaro when i put down the Southern Comfort. lol

  8. kmackey32 profile image68
    kmackey32posted 9 years ago

    Oh wait yea i did some of that already within hubpages. LOL OMG

  9. Dame Scribe profile image60
    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    Hey, a glass of white wine here big_smile lol

  10. girly_girl09 profile image75
    girly_girl09posted 9 years ago

    To create good backlinks you can submit your webpages, in this case, hubs, to different websites or social bookmarking sites. The backlink itself should be titled with some keywords related to your hub. It is important to have good keywords relevant to let google know that the link is related to your hub. Why would google put a site on the front page if other sites hadn't linked to it? The more quality backlinks you have, the better. They do take time to build and for that reason, I haven't started yet. big_smile

    For example, if you have a hub about, 'The Benefits of Motor Oil', your hubpage address would look something like:

    To create a useful backlink to this site, your hyperlink should look like this:

    Motor Oil Benefits

    NOT just an ugly, long URL link with the http://, etc. By using Motor Oil Benefits as the 'anchor text' for your backlink, google will view it as relevant to your hub and will rank your hub a bit higher.

    Next you are probably wondering WHERE to post your backlinks. I haven't started doing this yet, I just know the importance of backlinks and what they can do. One place you could start is on social bookmarking sites. Hopefully someone else will chip in as to where you should place your backlinks.

    Lastly, I would honestly recommend for you to write more content first before you start worrying about backlinks. The more targeted content you have, the better you'll do. Backlinks are great, but they take a lot of time and you should learn first what hubs get the most traffic and work on improving those backlinks in a few months.

    For example, if I would've started creating backlinks for my hub about Narcissism and Twitter, I would've wasted LOTS of time as almost no one searches for information on that topic.

    At the end of the day, you want to write about topics that people are searching for via google. You can see what topics get lots of traffic by using Try putting in a phrase, such as Motor Oil and you'll be able to see how many people search for that term a month.

  11. girly_girl09 profile image75
    girly_girl09posted 9 years ago

    lol that was so long! Maybe I'll someday write a hub on backlinks once I start utilizing them. big_smile

    Right now, I'm focused on creating targeted, quality content.

    The beauty of hubpages is that it already ranks pretty high in google, so newly published hubs typically get a ranking boost unlike a simple blog post on a personal blog. Therefore, worrying about backlinks is not always necessary to get good rankings. Lots of my hubs appear on google's first page for targeted keywords and I've never built a backlink! They are very helpful, but the targeted, quality content is much more important at this stage.

  12. kmackey32 profile image68
    kmackey32posted 9 years ago

    LOL yea i have had to much to drink to read But when i get up tommaro i promise i will.

  13. girly_girl09 profile image75
    girly_girl09posted 9 years ago

    I may have had a few drinks while writing that, too! hehe

  14. kmackey32 profile image68
    kmackey32posted 9 years ago

    Have you ever wrote something while you were drunk and then lauphed the next day at what you wrote, cuz half of it didnt make sence. LOL

  15. girly_girl09 profile image75
    girly_girl09posted 9 years ago

    lol text messages, definitely!

    Typically I try not to be around a computer after consuming a large number of drinks ahahaha. I'm not sure what would happen...I've only had two so far this evening. wink For me, that's enough to make lots of grammatical errors, but not enough to make my writing not make sense. big_smile

  16. accofranco profile image84
    accofrancoposted 9 years ago

    @girly, you are so damn right,i just learnt some tricks now through your kind advice.Thanks

  17. kmackey32 profile image68
    kmackey32posted 9 years ago

    Me too i am spelling things bad tonight. LOL


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