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Formatting, HTML and other such stuff

  1. Denmarkguy profile image94
    Denmarkguyposted 10 years ago

    OK, so I'll confess up front that I'm a noob around here... at least when it comes to publishing.

    I've noticed in a few longer hubs a lot of text is broken up with images and graphics and such. Now, I'm not a programmer, but it strikes me that would require an ability to insert HTML tags for in-line photos, etc. Maybe I'm blind, but I haven't seen a "show/edit HTML" toggle anywhere... nor have I seen any info on how to add HTML. Can you?

    What (if anything) am I missing, here?


    (off to read the help section, again)

  2. relache profile image89
    relacheposted 10 years ago


    It sounds like you've not noticed the Photo capsule, or the Video capsule.  When you are editing a Hub, take a look over at the top righthand side of the layout screen and you'll find you can add various content capsules to a Hub.  The photo one is quite versatile with many variations built-in.

    HTML is extremely limited to what the editing tool inside the Text capsule will allow you.  I'm guessing you've not checked that out yet either.

  3. Denmarkguy profile image94
    Denmarkguyposted 10 years ago

    Thanks for the reply!

    I was playing around with the text capsules, and was hoping to find a way to use a different font... and found myself mystified at the way using the "header" tool to format a bit of in-line text seems to change the font from the default to "Trebuchet." And then it starts affecting ALL the text in the capsule, if you backspace in the wrong places. I was actually looking from something that would allow me to make the equivalent of an HTML "header 5" size, which I often use on my web sites... but I'll work with what's there.

    I finally figured out the photo widget... and that you have to "save" between moving from tab to tab, or the changes don't stick. I couldn't figure out why my photo stayed full width when I asked for half-width.

    Silly me!


  4. relache profile image89
    relacheposted 10 years ago

    Since Hubs can be saved without publishing, it's quite easy to play around with the capsules and try different layouts and content options.  Doing that was the best thing I did for myself when I started building Hubs.