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i want to earn from affiliate program? but i have no experience online marketing

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    anowar070posted 8 years ago

    i want to earn from affiliate program? but i have no experience online marketing.please help me

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    sord87posted 8 years ago
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    skyfireposted 8 years ago

    Think of affiliate marketing as way of selling product of someone else. For example, you've to sell book or software of some person and when you do that you'll get some commission. There are many such sellers on clickbank, linkshare, revresponse site. You can sign up on those sites and then get a code for the product that you want to promote. If you manage to make sales then you'll get commission for that product and you'll be paid if minimum payout is reached.

    So my suggestion is to register on either clickbank, linkshare. Collect the affiliate code for the product you would like to promote. Start writing hubs and use maximum 2 affiliate links in one hub.

    Have fun promoting products. Keep writing.

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    imdigestposted 7 years ago

    There are many affiliate programs that are easy to get started in.  Check out http://www.internetmarketersdigest.com for help getting things rolling.

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    EricHendrixposted 7 years ago

    So you want to be an affiliate marketer.....

    If you are willing to apply yourself....
    Realize this is not an easy business to start with. It does get easier with time.

    Go here to get more info.

    I wish someone pointed me here when I first got started.


    Your Success Awaits,
    Eric Hendrix

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    markjoseph11posted 7 years ago

    Initiate an affiliate program and start to earn with affiliate marketing. There is lots of online shopping sites which allow everyone to make money through its affiliate marketing programs. You can get more details about it here: http://www.tictacdo.com/pages/template- … 5gt4p6cdmr