How many of you have zero hubber score?

  1. keralatwits profile image61
    keralatwitsposted 8 years ago

    How many of you have zero hubber score?

    My hubber score is score zero even after I published 10 hubs, got 2 followers and 700+ page views. Why?

  2. traderx profile image60
    traderxposted 8 years ago

    I did not even know that was possible, unless you were submitting stuff that is blatantly pulled from other sites.  Did you do all that in 1 day - they will rank you down if you publish too many stuff too fast (looks like automated submission) - but I have not seen anyone with a 0 score even with that.

  3. I.B. profile image71
    I.B.posted 8 years ago

    EVERYONE that has signed up for the past week or so has dropped to 0 in 36 hours or so. I have checked all the new hubbers for the past 7 days and I am not so sure this has to do with duplicate content, fast adding or inactivity. I guess they are testing stuff out.

    I have completely uniqe content and am very active...maybe I am to active? And still have a 0. Go check out the new hubbers...all dealing with the same issue.