What is the relationship between hubber score,hub score, hub metrics and hub vie

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    aoiffe379posted 8 years ago

    What is the relationship between hubber score,hub score, hub metrics and hub views?

    I have reached 100 hubs and I am looking back trying to figure out why I have not made 100 cents yet.I know it is quality not quantity. I decided to analyze. One hub with $$$$$ has 7 views! Another one with $$$$ has 145 views. Okay it is the topic, keywords and backlinks.What else is missing? I have read hubs by other hubbers and time out before I can comment. An experiment with hub 98,99 and 100 has yielded a $$$$$ hub metric buti I do not know if that is good or bad. I want to be hopeful.. Do I need to go another 100 hubs before I find the answers?Experience is a strict teacher.

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    relacheposted 8 years ago

    Topic or subject matter is the biggest thing that's going to effect earnings, followed by how you write about that topic.  If you have 100 Hubs but have not even earned a dollar, then you have quantity but not quality.  A lot of people who don't earn well write about high-traffic but low-or-no-pay topics, or they don't have a genuine idea of what constitutes a good amount of traffic.

    Hub metrics are rough indications of potential, but nothing more. 

    I have a whole series of Hubs that I wrote based on my experiences.  By the time I had been with HubPages for nine months, I only had 35 Hubs but was making $100 per month.  All I can suggest is to read over what I wrote and see if any of it helps you.  Below is the Hub that starts the series.


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    ramkkasturiposted 8 years ago

    Join the club of confusion. This is what i understand, the hubber is given a score based a set of factors like the number of hubs,his/her background,and and the hubtivity wchih reflects I guess the followers and participation in hub pages interactive fora. The score for the hub seems start generally at fifty and may be  little up or down based on the subject and its pereived importance. The page views reflect the number of times a page has been opened (not read). Making money would depend I guess on the viewer actually clicking on an advertisement on your page and buying (?). That revenue is sahred between you and hub pages. I find the hubber scores and hub score goes up and down every day at different times based on the traffic that is coming in to your hubs. It is the rate that seems to matter not the absolute score. Your older hubs may have huge score but that does not seem to influence up and down movement.

    My personal opinion is that the scores seems to have a fixed maximum point for a specific hubber for a period,.and therefore dont seem to go beyond that point,  may be until a lot of hubs are produced.This could be wrong The number of followers and comments are also important. I don't see the hubber score reflecting the hub quality in all cases.  We have to assume(since we cant see them) that these hubs have good traffic. Quantity seems to matter that is all, no matter what the subject is.