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RedGage or Hubpages?

  1. Habby profile image58
    Habbyposted 7 years ago

    RedGage or Hubpages?

    Hey mailxpress, I'm new-ish to Hubpages and wonder if I should be spending more time here or on RedGage as you've mentioned.  Thoughts?

  2. vox vocis profile image84
    vox vocisposted 7 years ago

    Both. Hubpages is a great place to post your writings and RedGage is a great place to post links to your articles. Why earn money from one source when you can use two and earn more?!  Also, both are great social networking sites. You can meet a lot of great people, great writers. You will notice many hubbers are on RedGage and use it for backlinking and posting photos.

  3. NoRR4Me profile image84
    NoRR4Meposted 7 years ago

    It's beneficial to use both. I'd use Hubpages to write articles(Hubs) and use RedGage for backlinks or for promoting my content.

    You should decide what your goals are and use either site to reach your goals. Hubpages' strength is that you can get on Google easier and RedGage's strength is that it is a place to post different kinds of content and create backlinks.

  4. TinaAtHome profile image74
    TinaAtHomeposted 7 years ago

    You might be interested in this hub I wrote about writing online at hubpages, Xomba, infobarrel and redgage

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Hubpages-Xomba- … ing-Online


  5. starx profile image65
    starxposted 7 years ago

    Redgage is good for promotion but not for earning amazon or ebay commision. Redgage is used with hubpages can be profitable to earn few hundred dollars together.

    I suggest you to write hubs and then spread your links on redgage. Also write on alternative topics on redgage and then earn from it.

  6. mailxpress profile image54
    mailxpressposted 7 years ago

    I say both.  I need to become more familiar with Redgage but all in due time.  I belong to many different revenue sharing websites and eventually I'll catch up with all of them.  I know many people who love Redgage and do very well.  I spend a lot of time here at Hubpages and I feel I'm a true Hubber.