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anchor text links have the 'nofollow' tag'

  1. oderog profile image44
    oderogposted 8 years ago

    Could someone explain to me what is a nofollow link tag, give an example is possible

  2. darkside profile image82
    darksideposted 8 years ago
  3. embitca profile image85
    embitcaposted 8 years ago
  4. buzzyblogger profile image49
    buzzybloggerposted 8 years ago

    no foolow tells the search engines not follow the link. That means you won't get credit to the website for having a link pointing to it.

  5. toby26 profile image38
    toby26posted 8 years ago

    when your anchor link is a no follow link, it will not be count into your inbound linking (as far as google is concern). In short:

    If the link is from high traffic site and it is no follow, you will get traffic from that site.

    If the link is from low traffic site and it is no follow, it is not very useful for your SEO.


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