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What is preferred : Blogger or Hubber for making more money using adsense.

  1. webcreations profile image53
    webcreationsposted 7 years ago

    What is preferred : Blogger or Hubber for making more money using adsense.

    Hi All  ,

    Hope you are doing good.
    I want to use blogging / hubbing for earning money , using Google adsense / Amazon affiliates.

    My questions

    1. Which is the better source for earning income blogger  / hubpages.
    2. I have written a hub and got more than 10 visitors on the first day ... count declined after first day. what could be the reason ?
    3. "On an average" how much money does a hubber makes per hub and how much does a blogger make per blog.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. forlan profile image58
    forlanposted 7 years ago

    1. To me hubber is better than blog
    2. you should write more hubbers and promote it
    3. To be honest, I do not know

  3. bluefire profile image62
    bluefireposted 7 years ago

    I prefer hubpages, because then I don't have to promote my stuff at all or worry about hosting, designs, etc. There is a big price we all happily pay here though: Having your own site would make you 1.6x the revenue if everything about them was the same.

    #1: Blogger _IF_ you can promote it to the point where it's on equal standings to a hub in search engines, and took the time to make a layout optimized for ads. You also have more control of the site, so you can monetize it in ways you can't on hubs.

    #2 & 3: Keyword research and topics are everything. Most of mine weren't written to make money and earn nothing because of it even with lots of visitors.

  4. LAZY BOY profile image61
    LAZY BOYposted 7 years ago

    As someone who has both I have to say that Hubpages is a much quicker route to making money, though there is no reason that you can't also do it with Blogger. Why can you make money quicker on Hubpages?
    1) Because Hubpages ranks really well. The fact that spam gets kicked off hubpages really quickly means that most Hubs are really high quality. Google knows this and ranks them higher in the SERPs than it would a new blogger blog. Blogger blogs are really hard to rank because so many of them have been taken over by spam-spewing bots that Google gives them a penalty. They are hard to get indexed and ranked when new.
    2) Hubpages gives you many easy monetization methods with more adds. You have less freedom about where you place advertisements on a Hub than you would with a blog, but that is probably a good thing. Hubpages is allowed to display more than the normal 3 adsense spots. It also uses yieldbuild, which constantly optimizes which ads are shown so you get the ones that pay out best. Now you could add yieldbuild to a blogger blog, but here it is done for you.
    3) Hubpages has a really good internal linking structure. That way if you write a Hub on something like "how to make money on hubpages" and give it tags, then you get links from all the other hubs on the subject. That makes yours seem important in Google's rankings. It also means you get traffic from other Hubs.

    The only downside is the revenue split. On Blogger you don't have to share a penny. But for someone starting out you will probably do better sooner on Hubpages, though over a longer period you might be able to get a blogger blog to rank well too.

  5. gvannorman150 profile image71
    gvannorman150posted 7 years ago

    You have to remember that Google owns Adsense and Blogger.  What this means is that Google takes care of its own.  So if you can build a blog that is optimized correctly and does not just produce a bunch of spam then go with Blogger. 

    Now Hubpages is a great format because they share the Adsense income with you.  This means that all you have to do is write.  Not much designing on your part.  So, its easier to make money with hubpages.

    Personally I would combine the 2.  Build the blogger blog, drive traffic with backlinks to it from hubpages.  The issue here is that Google has a history of deleting blogs for no reason without notice.

  6. Troyjones345 profile image34
    Troyjones345posted 6 years ago

    Blogger and hubpages are both good money sources. But blogger has higher money ads. But lately blogger has been having trouble with its system if you make a lot of money with adsense there computer falsely marks your blogs as spam blogs for no reason. Be warned. I learned the hard way.

  7. profile image54
    NicheTrafficMastrposted 6 years ago

    Also take a look at xomba.com. They just changed there format so you can't promote Amazon anymore but they share adsense revenue also @60% for you. It could be another source of income for you and xomba ranks well without any extra promotion.

    Good Luck


  8. scubadoggy profile image77
    scubadoggyposted 6 years ago

    Definitely Blogger since Google owns them...  They have an interest in making their sites rank higher.

  9. LoisRyan13903 profile image82
    LoisRyan13903posted 4 years ago

    I would have to agree with most other comments.  I make more money with hubpages-even though it is only $1-2 a month.  I have not seen any with blogger.  To get more traffic try building a group of followers with twitter.com.  Whenever you post a hub share the link doing a twitter feed.  Start a blog through blogger-I like blogger over wordpress.  Whenever you create a hub, make a blog post with the first paragraph and put a backlink back to your hub.