Which Amazon products tend to convert the best?

  1. DeanKeaton259 profile image61
    DeanKeaton259posted 7 years ago

    Which Amazon products tend to convert the best?

    I'm interested in the specific products or types of products which tend to attract buyers.

  2. Cumbesef profile image61
    Cumbesefposted 7 years ago

    Speaking from my own experience as a consumer who has made purchases from Amazon for over 5 years, I have purchased more electronics than anything else.  Once a registered customer, I have received e-mails advertising the top ten deals in electronics for the week.  My uncertainty is the chicken/egg dilemma - which came first:  was I purchasing electronics so I was targeted as an electronics consumer or do they automatically send those out to all registered purchasers.

    I have also found myself seeking out difficult to find items and invariably, Amazon has had what I have been searching for more times than not.  Its ability to provide the hard to find item and ship it overnight has made it a most attractive vendor. 

    Their pricing is very competitive; their service is excellent and the ease of their website is very attractive.  I will continue to use them....frequently.