You enjoy writng comments?

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    Tamarii2posted 7 years ago

    You enjoy writng comments?

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    benaffleck237posted 7 years ago

    Finding your own unique voice in writing is not something that can simply happen overnight.

    When we’re born, we don’t pop out of our mother’s womb conversing fluently in 3 different languages. It takes time to discover how to communicate, and even when we’ve achieved a competent grasp our native language, it’s still a lifelong journey of finding new nuances, learning new words and honing the way we communicate so we can understand – and are understood – more clearly.

    So your writing is a natural extension of this. Even when you have that competency in your mother tongue, as a writer you can then go on to develop an original and distinctive writing style. Here are 5 tips to make this a rewarding journey:

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    somy128posted 7 years ago

    Yes i enjoy it because comments motivate to write and they try to do better and also help to analysis your self.