Why google adsense is not accepting my blog or hub?

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    vydyulashashiposted 7 years ago

    Why google adsense is not accepting my blog or hub?

    After reading several articles regarding google adsense approval,what i've found is your blog should be 6 months old and you should have at-least 10 posts.My blog satisfies both the criteria,Still am being rejected.
    recently i've found some writers saying that adsense is not accepting free sites like blogspot or wordpress and we should have own domain.
    I have a question this,If they really don't accept blogspot, why there is an option "Monetize your blog and make money with google adsense" in blogspot
    One more shocking what i've found is that Adsense is rejecting indian blogs.is it true?

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    nettechposted 7 years ago

    No offence but I just looked at your blog and it seems quite spammy.  There seem to be more ads than content, its filled with banner ads all over, in-text ads, there's Amazon affiliate links all over the show and to add insult to injury there are dating/adult based ads that show up.  Now if I were a reviewer, how are all these ads relevant for an 'NGO'?  Sorry but I would reject your application as well.  There is only 5 months worth of content up there and even that doesn't really make a lot of sense.

    What I would initially is get rid of ALL the advertising, REALLY work on developing your content for readers.  Try to add at least 2 bits of content per week, ideally 500 words per article.  Ensure that the content actually tries to help in some way or it tries to help solve a problem.

    Look at the site and ask yourself, does this site (and advertising) add any value to my readers?  If the answer is yes then you're well on your way to getting accepted.

    I would get at least 7 months of quality content up there, get rid of the ads, refresh the layout a bit and then try again.  It has nothing to do with your nationality or where its hosted, I have several friends from India that have AdSense accounts.

    If you focus on quality all the time I don't see why you should have a problem.

    Hope that helps

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