Something interesting to write a hub about?

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    strikehappy2003posted 7 years ago

    Something interesting to write a hub about?

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    wingedcentaurposted 7 years ago

    I see you're new here. Welcome to HubPages! I noticed one of your two titles concerns stuggle and happiness (sorry, I forgot that fast after I zipped to your profile) but if that hub is about what I think its about, why not pick up with that theme?

    Write a hub about something like: "Do you believe God only sends you the amount and degree of suffering that you can handle?" -- you know, something like that. But you may not believe in God.

    One hubber posted a question solicting hubbers personal views about reincarnation. Why not write a hub about that? Do you or do you not "believe" in reincarnation? Why or why not?

    Write a hub about wherever you seem to be in your profile picture. What is that, a giant racoon? Are you at a theme park in that picture? You can write a hub about the best theme parks or your favorite theme park or something like that.

    If none of that appeals to you, poke around this Q & A section awhile, something will jump out at you. I get ideas for a lot of my hubs from this section.

    There's another thing I've taken to doing lately. We have a long-form discussion forum section here. Stop by and say hello if you like. But sometimes I write hubs about the issues they discuss, if the matter at hand strikes my fancy.

    Here's an idea. I wonder if you do any writing in your non-cyber life. If you're not now, surely you have been a student whose had to write a book report or something -- and you may have been in the situation in which the teacher DID NOT assign a topic. What did you do? Did you have as much difficulty as you profess to be having now? How did you choose?

    Well Good Luck!