How do you effectively guide readers to leave comments and participate in your b

  1. mikespec profile image61
    mikespecposted 7 years ago

    How do you effectively guide readers to leave comments and participate in your blog

    While I had a fair amount of readers much of my writing fails to create the desire to drop a message or add an individuals personal thoughts on the topic. Looking for ideas to guide readers towards commenting on hubs

  2. hublim profile image80
    hublimposted 7 years ago

    The large majority of people reading your hubs will not leave comments. With most sites there is a small percentage of visitors who will take the time to comment on hubs or blog posts.

    A high quality article will engage the reader and inviting suggestions or asking for reader comments can yield more comments. You can present the facts on a subject, and allow people to formulate their own opinions on the topic which the may like to share in the comments.

    As Duchess O'Blunt said in one of her hubs - people like to talk about themselves.

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    chinemeremzposted 7 years ago

    Comments means Interaction, and this is what differentiates a blog from an ordinary website.
    To increase comments, you need to first and foremost write good content that is engaging.
    Be the first to start a comment thread, when you first comment, it increases the likelihood for others to comment
    Your content needs to address a problem or provide an antidote to a problem.
    You have to present another view that contradicts the normal, for example tell people how you can make a car fly.
    Introduce controversy cos it sells any writing.
    Use humor when you write, a little comic relief can result in a comment where your reader tells you how your humor helped.
    Lastly create suspense and anxiety, this will make any reader want to ask questions by way of comments.