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Why has my hub been banned?

  1. Inkwell780 profile image59
    Inkwell780posted 7 years ago

    Why has my hub been banned?

    I would like to know what I could possibly have done to become banned and unable to post new hubs as a result.

  2. profile image0
    lovemeka101posted 7 years ago

    because you said somthing bad or did something bad

  3. jillfil0 profile image58
    jillfil0posted 7 years ago

    Violating the Terms of Service?  Are you creating hubs to add value or promote other websites?

  4. ptosis profile image74
    ptosisposted 7 years ago


    I don't understand how  come hubpages won't tell you the reason why.

    I never had a hub banned but I do have a hub where hubpages won't allow any advertising on it because it has very disturbing pictures of dead people in it. The hub has a dollar sign with a slash across it. Hubpages told me why they did it.

    It's about the border drug wars on Mexico & US and it was too gruesome for advertising so hubpages won't allow any ads on it.