Google account not associated !!

  1. ZaneCoreshi profile image60
    ZaneCoreshiposted 8 years ago

    can someone tell me why I can not put my google affiliate ID in my affiliate setting page, the box just doesnt let me put it there.
    I have associated my adsense account to HP and at my adsense page it says that it is active but i cannot put my ID there at HP affiliate settings page, it still asks me to signup which i did.
    I also emailed hub support but no answer yet.
    Fellow hubbers say that many accounts are facing this problem.

    solution please!!

    1. prasannasutrave profile image73
      prasannasutraveposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Are you following the guidelines to insert adsense ID?

      1. ZaneCoreshi profile image60
        ZaneCoreshiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        thanks Prasan!
        I have been following all the steps bu ti have found there is a little thing Hub support needs to do. the affiliate ID for google block does not update it when you send a link request through it to google. when google approved HP on my adsense, The Hp affiliate settings page was still showing the same procedure required to be done which i did earlier. SO I asked supposrt team of HP even they do not know this issue and said the same thing as you said.
        By hit and trail I did the signup linking process one more time( which by logic was not required at all) and then it showd my ID.......