My hub is not showing up on Google and I don' t know why. I published hubs after

  1. Charlu profile image79
    Charluposted 7 years ago

    My hub is not showing up on Google and I don' t know why. I published hubs after and they are...

    there Sorry I'm still getting my feet wet (really new)
    The hub is,  children in trouble what are they missing or what are we missing   Thanks so much Trying to learn

  2. WebDesignDoctor profile image57
    WebDesignDoctorposted 7 years ago

    What keywords are you going after with this hub? Google ranks pages by keyword, if Google finds your page is highly relevant to a keyword, it will display it higher up on the search engine results page for that keyword. Some good practices when writing a Hub page are to choose a select few keywords to go after, I would only go after 2 or 3, then make the Hub highly relevant to those keywords by using videos for the keywords from youtube, RSS feed related to the keywords, news related to the keywords, you want your hub page to be a "hub", or authority, for information pertaining to your selected keywords.

    Once you make your hub highly relevant, then you should try to get more traffic to it. Do this by posting links to your hub on social networking sites (facebook, twitter, digg, etc.), blogs, post a link on your website, anywhere you can get a link to this hub will help it get ranked by Google, because they will see that it is creating a buzz and people like it and want to link to it. Google will see this activity and give it a higher ranking because they consider it to be more important.

    That should be a good start to getting it ranked. Biggest thing is to stay patient and keep building links to it, it takes a while but your efforts will pay off exponentially.