Does anyone know how adsense works on hubpages?

  1. charmaine101 profile image60
    charmaine101posted 7 years ago

    Does anyone know how adsense works on hubpages?

    I could really use some help, I don't know what to do or how to do it. So if you're one that knows how, please give me some in depth instructions! Thanks

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    bluetiger1520posted 7 years ago

    Sign up for adsense then go through the steps to link hubpages with it. then they automatic put ads on your hub sites.

  3. jaymelee23 profile image77
    jaymelee23posted 7 years ago

    You just enter your AdSense publisher ID under your Hubpages account. You don't have to enter any other types of codes on your Hubs. Hubpages is setup so that it takes care of that for you. It rotates your Adsense ID 60 percent of the time and theirs 40 percent.

    Click on "My Account" at the top right hand corner then under "affiliate settings" you will enter your AdSense Publisher code. Just read the instructions under the "affiliate settings." It's very simple.