How did you find my hub? As you can see, I'm pretty low profile. Something I am

  1. nclark140 profile image59
    nclark140posted 7 years ago

    How did you find my hub? As you  can see, I'm pretty low profile. Something I am trying to change.

    Adsense has disabled my account. UUGGUUUGGhhhh!!!! I haven't made a cent! And the ugly in me is about to come out. I just submitted my appeal.

  2. kookoo88 profile image61
    kookoo88posted 7 years ago

    I think the best way is to communicate.  Ask and answer a lot of questions.  Post in the forums and comment in hubs that interest you.  It will probably take a while and a little bit of work but it's possible.  I don't know a lot about Adsense, but I think you need a certain amount of traffic to make money at it.

  3. Thomas@theone profile image71
    Thomas@theoneposted 7 years ago

    hey nclark140, i found you through the comments that you posted on other peoples hubs, and as i was interested, i followed you. If you want to try and maxamise your views, you might want to try following lots of others, and in turn they will follow you back. However i can't help you with the adsense thing as i've only made something like $2.00 myself.

    I hope that helped.