I'm having trouble with getting Kontera to work.

  1. the lone gunman profile image54
    the lone gunmanposted 7 years ago

    I'm having trouble with getting Kontera to work.

    so i recently got my Kontera setup with the ID and everything and it says it is set.  But no in-txt links have ever shown up. and now i just got an email saying my Kontera account has been denied BUT it still says that it is set on my affiliate page and i am still able to log into my kontera account.

    what is going on?

  2. cohenj88 profile image60
    cohenj88posted 7 years ago

    Hi Daniel,

    It appears set on your affiliate page because as far as HubPages is concerned it is okay - they have no way of knowing if you've been approved or declined as a Kontera publisher.

    That being said, you were declined as a Kontera publisher for your site being offline. As it now appears to be online, with 4 Hubs having been published, I've manually approved your account, and you should start seeing ads appearing over your content.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.