Can we remove certain followers? Im not comftable with one of my followers ,what

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  1. Real_Words profile image56
    Real_Wordsposted 7 years ago

    Can we remove certain followers? Im not comftable with one of my followers ,what do i do?

  2. Harry Santos profile image53
    Harry Santosposted 7 years ago

    Hmm, why though? Having followers would mean more views and it would show that your articles are high quality and credible. I'd say the more followers would me more revenue.

  3. Rogochuks profile image77
    Rogochuksposted 7 years ago

    You cannot sell your conscience for following; if you are not comfortable with someone, as in real life, you can part ways with them. Just stop following them, and this should invite reciprocity.

  4. carrie450 profile image57
    carrie450posted 7 years ago

    Go into your account at the top of your profile page. Under favorites, click hubbers you follow. Underneath each name you will see "quit following".

  5. Right On Time profile image62
    Right On Timeposted 7 years ago

    If you're talking about Fan Mail on your front page that you don't like, you can delete this by clicking "My Account" then "Fan Mail" otherwise I don't think you can get rid of a fan/follower...but surely it doesn't harm having this fan's icon there?

  6. sofs profile image80
    sofsposted 7 years ago

    You cannot remove followers, but if the follower for some reason is stalking you or harassing you you can report the follower to Hubpage team.
    If he?she writes comments/fan mail that is offensive deny them and delete them forever.
    In truth you cannot stop anyone from following you!

  7. Real_Words profile image56
    Real_Wordsposted 7 years ago

    Im not trying to sound alarming . He is following me, he came to me. I welcome everyone to my hub with open arms but by the looks of his home may be actualy harmfull to allow him to follow me. He knows how to hack into anything and to anyones "stuff" ...isnt this alarming to yall, because it didnt sit to well with  me...thats all.Or am i over reacting?

  8. wingedcentaur profile image83
    wingedcentaurposted 7 years ago

    Why would you want to remove a follower? Someone asked this question in the Hub help forum. As sofs said, if someone is cyber-stalking you, report them to the HubPages team immediately.

    Do you think this hubber is somehow, not sincere in his followership (I just invented the word 'followership') of you? In other words, to you interpret the 'follow' as somehow sarcastic or baiting?

    Do you not like their political and/or social views -- do you find this hubber to be a bit of a verbally aggressive "reactionary"? I ask these questions because I'm curious as to why some people have been inquiring about how to remove followers.

    You know, Real_Words, you may think I'm being sarcastic as I say this (but I promise you I am not), but perhaps following you and getting exposed to your writing and your presumably much more sensible, level-headed viewpoints, might serve as a civilizing influence on this person.

    Good luck and I hope everything works out. You really look bummed out about the matter in your profile pic. Kidding! big_smile

  9. Mrs asif profile image56
    Mrs asifposted 7 years ago

    yes but clicking the option 'quite following' underneath the hubbers  you follow.Its  in your account at the top of your profile Page.

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