Merging account

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    charleigh345posted 7 years ago

    Merging account

    I have to say I am not as computer literate as you. Can you help me to link my FB with Hubpages?..I would appreciate very much!...My problem is that people don't make it simple enough. Like Copy & pasting?.I used to know how to do that, without my mouse?..But I have forgotten it. I think it is because I am on Chemotherapy, so I forget things. Hate it, but have to live with it...If you can help me?..I would be forever grateful to you...Always,Charleigh

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    dexixyposted 7 years ago

    (Not getting your question but will try to answer as i understand.)

    To put a link on your Hubpages account(for this particular case a "facebook profile link")follow these steps:

    Step 1:
    -Log in to your facebook account.

    -Click on the "profile" tab when logged in to open your FB profile page .

    -Now click once in the address bar(where you type a website you need to visit) and using the keyboard press CTRL+A keys simultaneously.) to highlight your FB profile url.

    -After, press CTRL+C to copy the link in the address bar (your FB profile url) or right click and select copy from the pop down menu.

    (And the facebook part is over...)

    STEP 2:

    -Log in to your Hubpages profile

    -Once logged in ,Select "edit profile" to go to the profile editing page.

    -On the right i think you see "Bio"

    -Now in your bio add these words "become a friend on facebook" or whatever you wish....

    -Now highlight what you have just typed.

    -I think u see something like a "chain" on the bio box. click on that and another window will pop up.

    -In this window, you'll see "link url"-

    -In the link url field, press CTRL+V simultaneously to paste the link we copied in step 1(your FB profile url.)

    -Confirm by clicking on insert

    -Now Save changes and you're done.

    ---If you were meaning connecting your Hubpages posts to FB, please clarify-----

    Hope this helps