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Is Adsense properly integrated with my HP account?

  1. anish92 profile image78
    anish92posted 7 years ago

    Is Adsense properly integrated with my HP account?

    Hi, I added my adsense ID ca-pub-whatever and confirmed the association in Adsense A/C access. I also added Channels for both URLs hubpages.com and http://hubpages.com/profile/anish92
    But both channels show 'no data available'.
    Am I missing something?

  2. LaniseBrown profile image85
    LaniseBrownposted 7 years ago

    When did you add Adense to your HP account? I think Adsense takes a little while to gather data when you first sign up. It took a day before showing my HP info. I say give it a day or so and see what happens.

  3. ezzy1512 profile image56
    ezzy1512posted 7 years ago

    You are not missing anything. When someone signup through your channels, then data will be available.

  4. AnkushKohli profile image80
    AnkushKohliposted 7 years ago


    Do login in your adsense panel and approve the third party access request. Your ads will be live soon. Hope this will help!