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Three weeks on hubpages and looking for advise from more experienced hubbers. W

  1. Lazer317 profile image80
    Lazer317posted 7 years ago

    Three weeks on hubpages and looking for advise from more experienced hubbers.  What tips do you...

    have for the newbie hubbers?

  2. Masata profile image79
    Masataposted 7 years ago

    Just keep writing and reading. Most of the articles on here you will find very helpful. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish you can find articles on that too. So keep writing and reading that is the best tip I can give you.

  3. billyaustindillon profile image66
    billyaustindillonposted 7 years ago

    Focus on enjoy what you write - enjoying it is the main thing IMHO

  4. tritrain profile image84
    tritrainposted 7 years ago

    You're asking the right questions in the right place, which is probably the best tip.

    Write about what you love and try a few product related Hubs.

    Read about keyword research, trend reports, how and where to share your Hubs with others, and look through the various Hubs for inspiration.

    I've got a couple Hubs that you may find valuable.  One is on Hub-friendly linkbuilding and another is on pinging your Hub.

  5. rebekahELLE profile image88
    rebekahELLEposted 7 years ago

    Read everything in the Learning Center and watch the videos.  Find established hubbers that have been here for years and read their hubs to find out great ideas for hub layout and using keywords. Write about topics that you enjoy writing about and others will enjoy reading your hubs!  Good luck and welcome to HP.

  6. melbel profile image96
    melbelposted 7 years ago

    Read the Learning Center. I know when I say this, many people probably thinks it's not but a lame FAQ with very little information, but I'm telling you:

    If you want to do well on HubPages -- make money, get traffic and all that... Read the stuff in the Learning Center. I can understand why a new user would naturally meander over there from the get go, I mean I've joined PLENTY of sites and never bothered to read the "help" sections, but SERIOUSLY the Learning Center has EVERYTHING you need to know about making great hubs and how to write hubs that make more money.

    This is the number one question I get on HubPages - How do I succeed here and 100% of the time I include "The Learning Center" as the focal point of my answer.

    I hope this was helpful!