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Am I the only one who refuses to answer questions that do not use correct gramme

  1. mcrawford76 profile image84
    mcrawford76posted 7 years ago

    Am I the only one who refuses to answer questions that do not use correct grammer?

  2. fibo777 profile image59
    fibo777posted 7 years ago

    I thinks so. You are the only ones. You might consider correcting grammer rather than answering questions.

  3. clark farley profile image73
    clark farleyposted 7 years ago

    yeah, I for one don't never answer those kinds of questions!

    (sorry, trying to lighten my head up for a Monday start).

    But since you brought up the topic, I grew up in the 60's and spent way more time learning to play guitar than doing my English homework. as is only natural.
    But somehow I have found myself in this bizzaro universe where I get more out of writing stuff for strangers to read, than I do playing music, lol.
    I kinda wished I spent more time in English Grammar class  (and taking typing lessons).

    Damn, is that a dangling participle?

  4. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    personally it isn't an issue with me. as long as the person at least makes an attempt to ask a question so i can understand it, i don't care about proper grammer. not everyone has had a good education and i'm not going to hold it against them like many in society do.

  5. MikeSyrSutton profile image66
    MikeSyrSuttonposted 7 years ago

    No. I am with you there! Some of these recent questions are pretty silly!

  6. Pcunix profile image92
    Pcunixposted 7 years ago

    Well, it depends.  Really bad composition is often combined with really senseless questions, so yes, I definitely ignore those.

    But in general, loose grammar and bad spelling are so common today that refusing to be involved would be entirely too limiting.

    The  age of inexpensive computers and dumbed down Internet access has brought the common people to us, unfiltered and squalling.  You can lament their obvious deficiencies, but they will be here anyway.

  7. ladyjojo profile image59
    ladyjojoposted 7 years ago

    Sorry but isn't Grammar spelt G R A M M A R and not grammer as you spelt it above?

    correct me if am wrong or are YOU from a different country that spells it that way.

    I would hate to think you wrote a question like that and then messed up your GRAMMER

  8. Vishaaa profile image78
    Vishaaaposted 7 years ago

    No No You are not alone. Most of the time while surfing on questions, it is really annoying to see questions with grammar mistakes.

    It is my weakness I guess. Even now i found a spelling mistake(not grammar) in your question as well.

    So lets forget the mistakes, will just go for questions with good content.

    I ARE not perfect. We IS not perfect. Nobody MAYBE perfect wink

  9. Dave Mathews profile image60
    Dave Mathewsposted 7 years ago

    You probably are the only one. By the appearance of your question you seem to ignore good spelling too. Grammer should be spelled Grammar.

  10. profile image56
    rieomposted 7 years ago

    I will not answer if I do not find the question has merit.  I am willing to overlook grammer issues as long as they are not too glaring.

  11. garyyoungberg profile image61
    garyyoungbergposted 7 years ago

    English is just one of the languages spoken by many Hubbers.  For many it is their second language.  We need to keep this in mind.

  12. Kwazzy profile image58
    Kwazzyposted 7 years ago

    Personally, I keep that stuff in, to keep back from seeming like a jackass, but I know plenty of people that do that, not my thing to be honest.

  13. poorconservative1 profile image59
    poorconservative1posted 7 years ago

    Hey mcrawford76, some of the other people that answered this question are right you spelled grammar wrong, so don't you think that you should get your own house in order before you go around knocking on other people.

  14. Faceless39 profile image94
    Faceless39posted 6 years ago

    Please, please tell me that your spelling grammar as "grammer" was a sick joke.  But no, because if I refused to answer questions with bad grammar, I wouldn't be typing this response right now.  Bam.

  15. smzclark profile image60
    smzclarkposted 6 years ago

    you're probably not the only one, but i think that if i did, then i would not answer questions that did not use correct spellings...G R A M M A R