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I'm new on hubpages, and want to know how to get followers.

  1. C'est La Vie profile image61
    C'est La Vieposted 7 years ago

    I'm new on hubpages, and want to know how to get followers.

  2. TheOneWhoKnows profile image56
    TheOneWhoKnowsposted 7 years ago

    By writing good articles and of course by time. Patience is everything

  3. kannanwrites profile image93
    kannanwritesposted 7 years ago

    Search the same on hubpages search and implement what you like............the best would be to follow people that you follow topics on, that you write and give genuine interest in their writing.

  4. simeonvisser profile image85
    simeonvisserposted 7 years ago

    I've written a hub about that, see my profile page.

  5. selfbetter profile image55
    selfbetterposted 7 years ago

    Don't be concerned about getting followers. Just provide good value. It's like with taking care of a fruit tree. You don't want to focus on the fruits, but on making sure the tree gets the water and other things it needs. The fruits will appear naturally.

  6. OldSkoolFool profile image59
    OldSkoolFoolposted 7 years ago

    Good articles are probably the most reliable way to get some traffic although if you write about risque or nitch topics, you are likely to get followers as well. I would say the best way to start off is to write about your own interests because naturally you will be the most knowledgeable in those areas and then you can branch out. Try to think about things or questions that you may have and then write an article to try and answer those questions. You'd be surprised how quickly an article can take off!

  7. PaulGoodman67 profile image98
    PaulGoodman67posted 7 years ago

    I would agree with the previous answerers.  There are two ways: 1.Write good hubs on subjects that interest people.  2.  Take an interest in other people's work and follow some of them.