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If Facebook worth it for promoting hubs when you only have six friends on it?

  1. jackavc profile image72
    jackavcposted 7 years ago

    If Facebook worth it for promoting hubs when you only have six friends on it?

  2. Vishaaa profile image78
    Vishaaaposted 7 years ago

    It doesn't matter when your friends have big group of friends. When they check out for "people you may know" tool or any other friend suggestion tools, your profile and wall contents will be visible for them.

    But to promote your Hub you should make it visible to all(not only to your friends). You can change the appearance settings while you press the share button.

  3. smackins1974 profile image65
    smackins1974posted 7 years ago

    Yes because those 6 friends can share the link with their friends and so on you could end up with thousands seeing it
    just ask your friends to pass it on and get them to ask their friends to pass it on it's suprising what people will pass on through facebook for a friend.
    Good Luck

  4. barbergirl28 profile image77
    barbergirl28posted 7 years ago

    It never hurts to share ... you never know who they will share it with. But, what you might think of doing is expanding your friend group on facebook so you will actually be posting to more people. But, if you prefer to keep your facebook profile more personal than professional, then keep it for your close friends. I wouldn't hesitate to share though.

  5. webguyonline profile image53
    webguyonlineposted 7 years ago

    i think it's a YES, facebook can be viral, you share your link to your friends, your friends share that link on their friends lists, and so on... and in an instant you can have tons of traffic coming to your page. that's how viral goes and how powerful social media like facebook is.

  6. incomeguru profile image97
    incomeguruposted 7 years ago

    Well if your six friends are the type of targeted audience you need to market your business to, then there is chance that you can succeed as those six could refer the site to other friends in their own network, thus becomes a viral marketing.