How comfortable are you to call yourself a writer?

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  1. Cindy2011 profile image60
    Cindy2011posted 12 years ago

    How comfortable are you to call yourself a writer?

    I've noticed when socializing that people expect me to have published a book if I'm calling myself a writer. It leaves me feeling awkward, then annoyed at myself not being more confident in myself.

  2. agvulpes profile image86
    agvulpesposted 12 years ago

    I agree with you! Even though I have been on Hubpages over 2 years and have published over 50 hubs I still cannot bring myself to tell people that I am a 'writer'!
    I believe and state that I am an 'observer' and a 'publisher' and to do these things I must 'write'.   However this is only part of the job.  Does this make me a 'writer'?

  3. Sweetsusieg profile image77
    Sweetsusiegposted 12 years ago

    I have been a writer of sorts for years but it wasn't until Dec. 31 of 2010 that I felt I could finally call myself a writer.  I have written 2 books but neither of them were published, one was stolen from my home and the other was eaten by my computer.  Though I had written, I didn't quite feel like a writer.

    What was the change?  I finally received compensation for my work.  I think that was the turning point for me.  All of a sudden I felt validated, I earned money doing what I love.

    I think it's the need for validation that we all have to feel confident enough to declare ourselves.

  4. Seeker7 profile image81
    Seeker7posted 12 years ago

    Don't worry about people like that they obviously don't know the proper definition of a writer. Next time, give a nice smile and point them in the direction of the nearest dictionary - even better point them in the direction of Hub Pages.

  5. peterxdunn profile image60
    peterxdunnposted 12 years ago

    I usually say something like, '...oh yeah - and I do a bit of writing as well...'. Then I tell 'em what to google.

  6. suncat profile image60
    suncatposted 12 years ago

    You can explain then that a writer doesn't necessarily have to have a book published. There are many different types of writers, and publishing a book is one of the things a writer may do. Writing and publishing a book are not always the same thing. Some book authors never wrote a book but had someone else write it, so there is more than one way of doing things.

  7. Pollyannalana profile image60
    Pollyannalanaposted 12 years ago

    I wrote a story at a young age to prove I could so I didn't really doubt I could but I didn't have the desire. About two years ago I decided to write an inspired romance but said well maybe I will practice first on a children's book. Those little characters just took me over and my husband too, we could not wait until the next day to see what my fingers had to say and I have written almost non-stop since then. I think when you love what you write, you can write. I only wish everyone else knew it as well as me, maybe soon.

  8. wychic profile image81
    wychicposted 12 years ago

    I have been a full-time writer for about four years now, and have only been completely comfortable with referring to myself as a writer for about two years -- maybe less. When people ask if I've published a book, I politely explain that I might one day, but that's not really my focus right now. I then go on to explain that I write informational articles, web content, newsletters, and eBooks mostly, with a focus on marketing and micro-business.

    ....usually by the time I get to that point, they're sorry they even asked for more details unless they're interested in being writers by profession themselves tongue.

  9. ThunderKeys profile image64
    ThunderKeysposted 12 years ago

    I feel comfortable calling myself a clinical writer. As professional counselor with loads of face to face therapy and clinical consulting experience, I have much to learn about how to tone down the jargon to get valuable relationship-saving and behavioral parenting advice across to my Hub-readers.

    I think the phrase "I'm a writer" signifies some professional grade communication skills, for ideas and observations. To say so means more to me than just the act of writing, which most people can do.

    - Duddy.

  10. Christopher Floyd profile image60
    Christopher Floydposted 12 years ago

    I'm pretty comfortable. I haven't published a book. I've had some short stories and some poetry published. Most importantly, I write. Occupationally, that is my main focus.
    Don't let them get to you. Pick up a major lit or poetry magazine and check out the nonsense they publish. That always makes me feel better.

  11. Dave Mathews profile image61
    Dave Mathewsposted 12 years ago

    First and formost I am a Child of God and a Christian.
    Second I am a musician, a singer.
    Third I am an amateur chef
    Fourth I am a Hub Writer

  12. Cindy2011 profile image60
    Cindy2011posted 12 years ago

    Good tip.  Thanks for your feedback,  I've had one newspaper article published and won a few writing contests, otherwise, lot's of personal journals and work material. I love to write.  So I'll keep plugging along.

  13. g82hug profile image60
    g82hugposted 12 years ago

    I completely understand what you mean!  I too struggle with calling myself a writer. I have self-published a novel, I write to a small email audience daily, but I only recently started writing online and blogging (Dec. 2010), but I still cannot call myself a writer. I completely have low writing self-esteem....but I'm working on it.

  14. bloggering profile image73
    bloggeringposted 12 years ago

    I enjoy writing and I write everyday - so I am a writer in my mind, but I don't necessarily tell other people that :-) Just like you say...writers are 'supposed' to be published in the traditional sense.

  15. FaithDream profile image79
    FaithDreamposted 12 years ago

    I consider myself a freelance writer. I write on hubpages, I create articles with additional hub capsules to illustrate my points. (images, videos, rss, etc). I also write a blog, maintain a website, and write on other areas for the web.

    This is who I am, so I guess I am a writer. I'm pretty comfortable with that. smile

    Good question.

  16. clark farley profile image71
    clark farleyposted 12 years ago

    I don't.
    Not that I feel bad about it, but even though I have found myself really enjoying this hub-writing thing, back when I was taking English composition, I was more concerned with learning the lead guitar riff from 'Sunshine of Your Love' than I was in syntax and proper grammar,
    Damn, guess the jokes on me...

    (but if you are ever in my neighborhood, stop by and I will play lead guitar licks from a lot of 1960's songs!) lol


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