Linking hub pages to adsense

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    hub@posted 6 years ago

    Linking hub pages to adsense

    I am unable to link with hubpages account to adsense account. It asked me my last 5 digits of phone number and pin or zip code that I have given when I created adsense account. I did all that but stilll nothing has come up to say that it is linked....what to do any idea?

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    Johnjfernandoposted 6 years ago

    Hi. I think they changed up the routine on hubpages to affiliate yourself with adsense, but when I started out, I basically had to create the account, go to my main profile on adsense and then copy the IP code I was given, which should most-likely appear on your left side. Then what you do is go to your affiliates page on hubpages and scroll to the adsense code box that is left blank and paste it their. Once thats done, it will automatically affiliate you from that point and you're good to go. Its the same process with the aiffiliate sites as well most of the time.  Good luck! If you may still be having problems, mssge me and I'll try to get some help for you quickly.