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Adsense, Keywords, and SEO

  1. dave272727 profile image61
    dave272727posted 8 years ago

    Hey folks,
    I am extremely new at this and have been searching my fingers to the bone and have all sorts of information at my disposal.  Its just that none of it makes ANY sense.  Can someone please dumb this stuff down for me?

  2. Dame Scribe profile image60
    Dame Scribeposted 8 years ago

    Hi Dave, welcome to HubPages. smile

    There are a few Hubs that will help but look up Darkside. Information he provides is detailed and should help. I can only suggest the following that I've learned, use the Search at the top right there.
    - Adsense- your source of income when people click on ads placed on your Hubs, make sure your Adsense acct # is on HP via your My acct tab. wink
    - Keywords - usually picked out from Google Adwords keytool based on CPC and volume of search, it's suggested use 10k -20k # of visitors, can't verify that # though, sorry
    - SEO is search engine optimisation. You can always look online for that info too.
    - Write a Hub, advertise on forums, other blogs, directories, write articles and have a signature pointing back to your Hubs. Just a few ideas. Hope that helps. hmm

  3. dave272727 profile image61
    dave272727posted 8 years ago

    Thanks Dame Scribe!!
    I am writing for a couple of different sites right now.  I have my Adsense account linked, but I dont get a lot of traffic to my hubs.  I know I only have four right now, but not a lot of traffic outside of HubPages.  I advertise my work on Twitter, Facebook, SheToldMe, and a couple of other sites that I cant think of at the moment.  I am going to download that Google Adwords keytool right now.  I think that will work.
    Thanks again for your advice!!!

  4. profile image0
    Ghost32posted 8 years ago

    Dave, time is a factor worth considering.  Quite a few of my Hubs start out with very little traffic from outside of HubPages, but then over a period of weeks and not infrequently months that changes.  This is such a common phenomenon (in my experience, anyway), that I've developed the "ISOG" syndrome--that's my acronym for, "It's showing on Google!"

    In fact, the ISOG hit just tonight.  I noticed a Hub I'd written a few weeks ago about a particular form of venomous snake has been getting more than five views every day.  That may not sound like a lot, but it's always enough for me to notice.  So I checked, and sure enough, that Hub is now showing on Google's first page.

    I also thoroughly agree with Dame Scribe that Darkside's Hubs are a solid source of info.

    1. Angel Of Love profile image71
      Angel Of Loveposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I agree. I learn a lot from reading his hubs.

  5. dave272727 profile image61
    dave272727posted 8 years ago

    @Ghost:  Thanks.  I think I may be jumping the gun looking for more clicks with only four hubs.  I think you are right about the time factor.  I am overwhelmed to say the least by getting this whole thing started.  I am writing for three different sites and trying to figure out the self promotion thing has my head all messed up.

  6. dave272727 profile image61
    dave272727posted 8 years ago

    @Angel:  I have spent the day reading, bookmarking, and taking notes on a lot of Darkside's hubs.  He does have a lot of the answers that I am looking for.