Can u help me here.

  1. friends647 profile image56
    friends647posted 6 years ago

    Can u help me here.

    hi, I recently signed up with hubpages wrote an article. now I have signed up for adsense. account is open, I return back to hubpages in affliate for adsense account but is not active. 3 questions bu have been asked . do u have an adsense account. I say yes,
    next me gmail address and 5 phone digit last no, and zipcode. now I link my accounts but still the same page arrives..asking again do u have an adsense account.. I am tired of linkng. plz help!!

  2. zoey24 profile image75
    zoey24posted 6 years ago

    When you sign up for an Adsense account they will give you a Affiliate code which can be found at the top of your account page when you sign into your Adsense account. It looks like this......... 'Ca-pub- (followed by 16 numbers' You need to go into your Hubpages account and click on Earnings, then next to where it says Google Adsense their is a  button that says 'Configure' click on that and enter your affiliate code that adsense gave you and click save, your accounts should then be linked.