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How many hubs should I (a novice) aim to write in order to realistically expect

  1. Brian Patry profile image58
    Brian Patryposted 6 years ago

    How many hubs should I (a novice) aim to write in order to realistically expect monthly payouts?

    How many hubs should I have published in order to expect a payout? I know there's SEO and ads to take into consideration, but I'm an SEO copywriter, so I know what to write, link, etc.What I plan to do is kickstart my account with a 30-day challenge in order to quickly get the minimum $50/month. From there, I would only write in my spare time, as I already write full-time in-house. However, I don't know how many hubs per day I should be shooting for. I don't mind scaling back if I'm being irreealistic, but what should I be aiming at as a general formula for "X hubs = your first $50"?

  2. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image98
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 6 years ago

    Of course there is absolutely no answer to this question.

    If you know "what to write," then I have to wonder how good what you write will be in comparison to the competition; it's my opinion that if I want to get paid, then I have to be prepared to be THE BEST in the niches in which I choose to write.

    From the way that you mentioned the $50.00 - I have to assume that when you talk about payout that you are, in this case, talking about a payout via the Hubpages ad program.

    I would like to give you a helpful answer here - but I don't know if it's possible at all.  I already had over  two hundred published hubs when that program started.  I've probably only published three or four since it started - but I think that anyone else that leaves an answer here - will have been a long time HP person, else their answer would be worth even less.

    If you know good seo stuff then you should well know where your ads should be places, and so you should know what NOT to do so far as the layout and creation of your hubs entails.

    I have to say this:  Trying to compete in high pay per click niches is stupid unless you are positive that you are truly better than anyone else - and then you demonstrate that.  The smart money is on the mid range pay per click keywords.

    Personally, I've never looked at keyword research at all.  I know what subjects I can compete in - and I don't even want to know what their pay per click is likely to be, because I want to be known as a good writer, and someone who is a nice guy, that comments back, is friendly, and is a damn good storyteller.

    When I make money - that's great.  When you make money -I'll cheer for you, but please have some integrity in your work.

  3. Brian Patry profile image58
    Brian Patryposted 6 years ago

    Thank you very much for the input, Wesman. Earlier today I threw up a quick hub so I could sign up for Adsense tomorrow. It's not indicative of my writing skill or what I intend to write about. (Basically, an answer to an email that turned out to be too long, so I tweaked + copy and pasted. tongue)

    Was I misreading something about the first payout being $50? I thought Adsense in tandem with the hubs was that they pay Hubpages and HP then pays you once you have at least  $50. I thought Ad Program was something separate (albeit, also used the $50 minimum since it's also run by HP). Am I making a severe rookie misunderstanding here.

    If so, please don't look down on me. I'm used to writing in-house and dealing with clients in-person, so I've always dealt with cheques and direct-deposit before and never even paypal, let alone Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. My goal is to turn my love of product reviews on a few niche subjects into a passive revenue stream, since I know enough about SEO, backlinks and writing for the Internet to make it profitable.

    I know it takes time (some say a full year, others 27 hubs in 4 months), but I figure once I've got Adsense, Paypal and Amazon set up properly with Hubpages, that's it more a matter of combining my quality writing with a certain quantity amount. Basically, I don't care what amount my first payout is, I just want to figure out what I should do make that first payout get received ASAP.

    Thanks so much for your feedback! smile

  4. jdavis88 profile image94
    jdavis88posted 6 years ago

    depends on the traffic you can get, how fast you can get it, and what CPM your keywords average.  On average, if you get decent cpm keywords and write well, you should be able to get a 50$/month  payout from hubpages ad program with about 200-250 views per day or so.  That number will hinge on how many hubs you have and how often they are visited on average. 

    To make a payout for adsense each month, which I believe the minimum is $100, will take much more.  Their calculation is also different due to the fact that you mainly get paid when people click the ads they post on your pages.  Therefore, if people don't click, then you make much less from adsense.

    Hope this helps.