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Do you have any ideas on what my challenge could be?

  1. VanillaBull profile image65
    VanillaBullposted 6 years ago

    Do you have any ideas on what my challenge could be?

    I'm considering making a challenge for myself - maybe something I can blog about.

  2. Jlbowden profile image90
    Jlbowdenposted 6 years ago

    Hi and welcome to Hubpages as a newbie!  If you like to write, like the rest of us here, than your surely at home. To answer your question about a challenge you have posed upon yourself, is in a way like trying to guess where in a haystack, for example that needle is going to fall in. However if I was going to challenge myself, perhaps on a writing topic, or something else to blog about, I believe it would either be an autobiographical piece about myself, or challenge myself to how many blogs and/or articles I could write in lets say one month. These challenges by the way, do exist here on Hubpages. I would suggest challenge yourself first, by entering a contest here on hubpages, or trying to write a number of hubs within a months time frame. Hopefully I answered your question here somewhat. And that you found some useful feedback within my answer. Good luck.


  3. kafsoa profile image72
    kafsoaposted 6 years ago

    You can inspire your self. Just look at newspaper, read blogs, review what happened to you and your family recently, watch the news talk to your kids "if you have" or family members. The topic you write about should come out of your own head.

  4. ColibriPhoto profile image81
    ColibriPhotoposted 6 years ago

    The two things you mention in your bio are comedy and cooking. So why not do more cooking and try to write about it from a comedic viewpoint. The humor can come from the way it is prepared, your thoughts while preparing it, or possible some kind of strange or humorous food. (A delicacy here is guinea pig with potatoes and peanut sauce. Now there is a hub you can sink your teeth into.)