Help with Understanding Hubscores, Please

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  1. SueShepard profile image60
    SueShepardposted 7 years ago

    Help with Understanding Hubscores, Please

    I have a Hub that views have not moved too much in days but the score has gone up like 15 points. Then I have another Hub in which the views have gone way up, but the score way down? I'm really confused. I mean, more people could be reading a hub and vote it down, I understand that. But how could no one really be viewing a hub and the score go up that much?

  2. Anne Pettit profile image70
    Anne Pettitposted 7 years ago

    comments can impact a hubscore quite a bit.  What about links?  Did you suggest a lot of links?

  3. profile image0
    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 7 years ago

    I am flying under the radar but will give you my opinion by what is happening to my 3 articles which is my 0 hubs on hubpages. It depends upon the kind of quality traffic that is viewing your articles/hubs. For your 1 day, 7 days, 30 days views then these pageviews will go up and down based upon the kind of viewership such as: direct traffic, referring sites, search engines. Your ever total views should either stand still or increase only based on what the 1, 7, 30 days are doing with the views and where those views are coming from. Now between the 30 days views and ever total views you will see either 0 increase like 30 days 213 and ever total 213 which is my 3rd article as of now or big increase like 30 days 748 and 946 ever total on my 2nd article. My 1st article is 30 days 135 and ever total 1653.My grand total of 30 days is 1103 and 2819 ever total as of now and multiplying fast with no end in sight. All of my traffic comes from outside through 100 percent referring sites, Google, and I now have 128 traffic sources that is of organic in nature coming through my referring sites around the world in 8 countries and 11 cities with a total of 20 visits and 38 pageviews of my 1st article that was found by the referring sites 2 months later on August 2010 and I put it on the internet with Google on June 2010 and also got an Creative Commons Non Commercial No Derivative License for my article and its title to protect it as much as possibly for its originality and owner of my 1st article that I put on the internet on June 2010 A.D. My 1st article have a score of 64, 2nd article: 76, 3rd article 76. My 2nd article is on the Top Listings and 3rd on the list along also with being on the best and hottest hubs on hubpages " " My 3rd article is humming along 218 ever views total and growing in leaps and bounds as it is also on the 1st page on Google and 1st on the list. I hit a grand slam home run with my 3 articles.

  4. profile image0
    SilverGenesposted 7 years ago

    Hubscores are confusing. I've had hubs that were well over 60 before I even hit Publish and others with views and comments that drop into the 40s before slowly working their way up over time. A lot depends on how much the topic you chose has been covered and the keywords used in your title, tags and headers. Things are in flux here at the moment, too, so be patient. I'm hoping it will all be resolved soon smile

  5. tsmog profile image80
    tsmogposted 7 years ago

    Here let me confuse you even more - LOL. I just glanced at your hub scores and they sit pretty nice. There are oddities. Like poems generally get lower scores. Why? - ?

    I posted an article in 5 parts since it was way over 3500 words. Each standing alone are about the same in score, except one, which is lower - content I believe or subject matter. The conclusion has the highest. Oh,and there are not any comments on any of the five. Only one notation - useful. But it was a tough subject written academically.

    Comparing that with my other hubs, I have learned it is views & interactions with hubs that leads to good initial scores. And I have a wild guess that the law of averages cause the little drops and raises. Where the averages come into play who knows. I have hubs that have been steadily getting higher as weeks pass by. But, generally my hubs begin low on the totem pole with initial exposure or reader demand.

    That was long, I apologize I was trying to reason with myself. Bottom line - supply and demand. Fill the niche or supply the demand, which you have done well - congrats!


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