Text editing problems

  1. Verona Fair profile image69
    Verona Fairposted 10 years ago

    To all who are having problems editing text.  If you have a problem copying and pasting from word: example: you paste and only get one paragraph inserted into the text box and the rest seems to have gone missing.....  There is an active-x control that has to run in order for it to work.  I have this same problem on one hub for three days.  Finally I gave up and left it alone for about 4 days.  When I came back and tried pasting again, I got a little note at the top of the browser saying this webpage would like to run so and so .dd active-x control.  So, assuming that was why it wouldn'w work, I allowed it to run and it pasted like it was suppose to.  The problem is, the next hub I went to post did the same thing as the last one by not pasting everything.....but this time NO little msg saying allow control to run..... So if ANYONE knows the name of the control that needs to run in order to make this work....please let me know so I can try to get back to POSTING!  Thanks and hope this helps!

  2. Verona Fair profile image69
    Verona Fairposted 10 years ago

    HAHAHA Actually......  I figured out something else.  If you paste then select preformatting.... it all shows up.  So I guess I am an idiot:)  But maybe this will help someone else~

  3. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    There is one other pasting trick that I know of.

    In firefox if you select "paste" from the edit menu in your browser  (instead of using the keyword shortcut), you can avoid the pop up window that strips out all the HTML formatting.  Disallowed HTML will be stripped anyway, but you can have links, paragraphs, bold, italic, h1, h2, h3, sup, and sub (all the things that the editor allows).