How effective is your writing process?

  1. ailrox profile image60
    ailroxposted 6 years ago

    How effective is your writing process?

    I've been considering the process in which I write. It's only moderately effective. What about your writing process? How effective is it? By this I mean to ask, how quickly can you write while still coming out with good content?

  2. NMLady profile image62
    NMLadyposted 6 years ago

    Well, I have to actually cook or do the thing I write about.  I am visual, so taking pictures helps.  It takes me only an hour or so to write and I write in the morning right after my Tai Chi when I am at my best.
    I do let my writing sit until later in the day when I edit and spruce it up.
    I publish here the next morning.
    If writing was the only thing I had to do I could get more done but I also teach classes and that takes much time. 
    A friend has about 20 mystery novels published and she gets up before sun-up and writes until she has done 3,000 words and sometimes more.

  3. joe322 profile image60
    joe322posted 6 years ago

    Well for me I gotta have a topic that I'm passionate about and knowledgable of. Then I have to have some sort of inspiration to start my flow of words from overall thought into organizerd writing. So I guess not real effective if measured only by raw quantity. To me producing something that is informational, insightful, and/ or inspirational is a goal, so someone leaves with a sense of thinking in new ways or of having gained something and my thought is that you'd get more traffic in the end this way. My favorite style is to start off informational, and if I can, go inspirational. A person can have knowledge, but without the call to action at the end it might never be applied. Once applied in someones life your writing becomes a part of there development, and that stays with them, hence also in there mind. I suppose it's something like branding, and gaining brand recognition from a marketing perspective. Produce something that people can and will really use or that stimulates them in a new and novel way and they'll be back later on when they need somehting else. I'm just starting though, so we'll see if it works.