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Latest attempt to improve my hub - Feedback???

  1. dprice99 profile image76
    dprice99posted 8 years ago

    I had a former version of this hub out for feedback.  I've unpublished my prior version of the hub, made updates and changes to the hub and have published it under a new URL.


    Can you please take a look and provide your thoughts about the changes.  Those changes include:

    - updated/simplified URL
    - modification of the summary text to simplify and make it stronger
    - what I consider better use of the capsules
    - addition of a poll to encourage some feedback
    - placement of the option to order along side of my recommendation

    Thanks to all who responded previously and I look forward to learning more from each of you!!!

  2. yoshi97 profile image72
    yoshi97posted 8 years ago

    The 'was this helpful part' would be done best as a poll, to get actual feedback without requiring more than a click from the reader. This also allows the reader to be honest, as the poll does not record who responded - allowing them to remain anonymous ... and honest.

    Also, I would be careful about 'oversteering'. Oversteering occurs when you are forming an opinion for the reader rather than allowing them to form their own. This occurs when you tell a customer that you think something is a certain way ... such as, if you say 'This is the best GPS for the money'. It's best to report the facts and allow the reader to form their own opinion.

    Why is this a bad thing?

    A review must always feel neutral, so the reader feels like they are receiving facts to discern an opinion from. By oversteering, you make the reader feel like they are reading an ad and they just might stop reading.

    I like to give the positives about a product and then include a negative or two, just to let the reader known I am giving them a full account. Quite often, readers will read a review just to find a fault with something as they are looking for a reason *not* to buy it, making it easier to decide between your item of offer and someone else's. By giving them a negative or two and all of the positives, you can sometimes sway them so much with your honesty that they chose the product you offer instead.

    Remember, a review must never feel like a sales pitch, so never oversell. Always dole out the facts and don't be afraid to say what you like about the product, so long as you make it clear to the reader that's it's a personal like and not necessarily one they must share.

    Other than that, I would add another picture (for balance - and it could even be just a car driving down the road)and a video review of the device from Youtube (if they have one).

    Go with all of that and you should have yourself a winner. smile

  3. 1974 profile image72
    1974posted 8 years ago

    See, that is a url I would actually click on!  Nice work

  4. lrohner profile image81
    lrohnerposted 8 years ago

    Nice work. You still have a huge chunk of text that could have ads next to it. Don't feel that you only can put products next to "I recommend...." text. Get the ads higher up.

    When someone reads an article of any kind anywhere, it is proven that in the first (I think) 10 words or so, they've decided whether to continue reading. The further they read, the more people you lose. It's just the way it is. No reflection on your writing.

    So move some ads up, and break up the big gobs of text. Why not even separate your individual reviews in separate capsules and put the individual ads next to them?

  5. dprice99 profile image76
    dprice99posted 8 years ago

    Thanks to all of you for your feedback!  I really appreciate the rapid responses and the candor from each of you!  I highly value your input!