Condemned for asking too many questions

  1. whoisbid profile image77
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    Condemned for asking too many questions

    Some people have far more active minds than others and contribute a greater mass of text on the internet. I have seen that some of these people are being condemned on HubPages for being themselves and apparently asking too many questions. Do you think that people should mind their own business and forget about condemning major contributors to questions or should these active people be maimed and silenced by account deletion?

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    Jerrico Usherposted 6 years ago

    I think that there is a certain quality and tone to how people should share and ask questions. I too was a victim of being condemned for being so open and wanting to exchange ideas (mainly on our forum).

    I came to realize later that although I should have been able to express my opinion, it's not so much expressing it as in over expressing it (long winded posts people have to scrollllllll past) and it often would escalate when people complained, even in polite manners and overall it escalated into more useless banter than actual exchanges of ideas.

    The focus moved to more of an arbitrary ranting or standing up for my right to speak my mind and less of any useful information.

    If someone is speaking politely, sticking to the topic or starting a new one but not spending paragraphs defending their right to speak- but instead ignores those that complain about what they write, then they tend to get heard, and thus don't escalate out of informative opinionated even contributions, but rather stay focused.

    People need to realize that opinions are like A***h**s everyone has one and just because you don't agree with their opinion that doesn't give you the right to fight back with yours. Granted you may speak in turn but when you keep it escalating away from the main point- your right is revoked by the community at large in disgust of your behavior.

    In behavior the catalyst for weather or not your opinion gets heard or discarded even by those that may agree with you- you must keep your words, your tone, and your length of posting in check.

    As for the being condemned for asking too many questions-

    realize there are those people that are jealous, or simply intolerable of just about anything- they have no right to condemn you for asking, in fact it was my asking so many questions to my parents as a child as I was incredibly curious of the world and television- that made me the intellectual I am today. Nobody should be limited from but rather encouraged to ask questions.

    Just keep in mind if you do like to ask questions that there will be those who are impatient to hear them as they may be questions that are no longer (to them) fresh and exciting to see-

    thus they may be tired of hearing "newbie" questions for one- but they have no right to intervene unless they have something useful to say, contribute, or share.

    I believe people should never give their opinion to another person directly without being asked explicitly for it from that person-

    in other words if someone says something then someone else without invitation decides to bash them directly for their words- regardless of their words- they are in violation of the rules of life-

    there are instances where this is acceptable such as someone being disruptive to several people i.e. most of the forum, then it is the right to say something but not directly but more so third party like to get the message across and get the rest of the group to agree or disagree, but not directly again unless confronted directly-

    even then we should serve as an example to those that are in conflict or disruptive by showing kindness, or simply ignoring their words- just because they are there doesn't mean you have to respond.

    If your emotions take over and you feel upset you should wait to respond until your grounded.

    Lessons I  myself learned here the hard way and in learning them my words are better heard now- and I don't respond to anything that upsets me, I just let it go. Good Question!

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    freecampingaussieposted 6 years ago

    Asking too many questions is only a problem when they are all in a row , say 10 at once . I avoid them as it looks like you are just bored or after attention , and go for someone with just the one question.
    However if you ask 10 questions over a day with others inbetween you that is diferent as it is not as noticable .