Can you have a hidden picture capsule as your icon?

  1. comp3820 profile image67
    comp3820posted 6 years ago

    Can you have a hidden picture capsule as your icon?

    Can you have a hidden picture capsule as your icon? I don't want to mess up my hub layout, but I do want to add an icon. I have plenty of pictures in the hub itself, but the photo I want as an  icon doesn't add anything to the text, it just serves as well, an icon.

    Also, can I move the little link that always pops up on the pictures (view slideshow) to the second picture, not the first? My first picture is a logo of the series I'll be publishing, and I don't want it to act like a normal picture.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Stephanie Henkel profile image96
    Stephanie Henkelposted 6 years ago

    I'm not sure exactly what you want to do with the icon - if you just want it somewhere in your hub without it interfering with the picture/text layout, why not put it at the very end?  If you mark it as hidden, it will be just that - hidden - and you won't see it anywhere in your hub once you are out of edit mode.

    Regarding your question about the slide show. You can choose which pictures to include in your slideshow while you are in EDIT mode.  Go to "settings" on the right sidebar and open it.  In that box, you'll see a link to "edit slideshow".  If you click it, thumbnails of all your pictures will come up and you can choose which ones will be in the slideshow.  If you don't select the first picture in your hub as part of the slideshow, then the slide show link won't appear until the second picture in your hub.