How many days does a hub stay active when you don't have all that money to pay f

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    dragon21posted 6 years ago

    How many days does a hub stay active when you don't have all that money to pay for it?

    Since you answered that question, could you answer this one for me? I tried to log into my personal site after 2 days of no activity n' hubpages says it's no longer available. Could you please answer this one?

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    Website Examinerposted 6 years ago

    You do not pay anything to publish hubs. You can also save new hubs (drafts) as unpublished, without any time limitation. Just be sure to either publish or save as draft, prior to exiting the editing interface.

    Hubs sometimes get unpublished by moderators for violations, but such hubs do not disappear and are still available from within your control panel. You can access that by clicking on "my account."

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    CloudExplorerposted 6 years ago

    I'm having trouble understanding your question, but I will attempt at giving it a try anyhow.  First of all hubpages is a community and has nothing to do with any of your personal sites what so ever.  So stating anything of the likes, is far fetched. 

    Like website examiner stated, hubpages is free and there's no charge related, which makes me think that this question is primarily a lost question itself. 

    You need to ask questions of relevance if your going to expect to get any answers that fit its inquiry.  Maybe your next question will be a little more thought out.  Little do you know, everything you do here counts, & in every way shape or form. 

    Be wise prior to publishing anything for that matter on hubpahes, including comments, questions, forums, etc, and make sure to proof read everything.