How do you feel about a commenter who's not a Hubber?

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  1. KellyPittman profile image79
    KellyPittmanposted 12 years ago

    How do you feel about a commenter who's not a Hubber?

    I've noticed that a certain users "Hubtivity" is nothing but  commenting on religious forums always arguing the existence of God.  I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and  allowed to share their own beliefs, but it's gotten to a point of disrespect.   I chose to ignore this guy and his nasty comments, but I realized today that he's been a user for months and has publised ZERO hubs.  If the NON-Existence of a God is what motivates you, then WRITE ABOUT IT, in your OWN Hubs!  The fact that a person is driven by being antagonistic and is not a writer, really bugs me.

  2. StephanieBCrosby profile image81
    StephanieBCrosbyposted 12 years ago

    I do not mind it. However, it can make a quick back and forth exchange (or follow up to their comment) more difficult. But I guess it is the same as with someone who is not a member of HubPages at all and decides to leave a comment.

  3. Sturgeonl profile image83
    Sturgeonlposted 12 years ago

    I totally agree with you KellyPittman. To be on hub pages for the sole purpose of arguing  in forums, and with no effort to inform by writing hubs, is weak participation. There should be requirements for members to at least have their own hubs. I totally understand your frustration!

  4. Rev. Akins profile image70
    Rev. Akinsposted 12 years ago

    There are lots of people who simply want to be in a community to argue. They have no intention of writing or typically backing up what they have to say. It is frustrating, but they also allow for other conversations to occur. Maybe not with them, but with other active Hubbers. I don't mind the comments, some of them have helped me fine tune some of my own Hubs. Also, I know that the more I participate in the forums the more I feel comfortable writing. They may not understand the system yet and have not written a Hub. There could be lots of reasons they have not written any Hubs, of course, they could just be jerks. smile

  5. Becky Katz profile image80
    Becky Katzposted 12 years ago

    I am one of those who participated in this community for several months without joining. I left comments and occasionally was treated rudely by a hubber. Not because my comment was rude, but because they felt I was not good enough. I was made to feel that if I did not join to comment, I was a bad person. But the people that we get our income from are driven to us by Google, so they should be welcomed.
    That said, a hubber that does not write and just comments may have been made to feel the same way that I was. So they joined to comment.
    Sometimes a person who is really looking for God, denies him the most vehemently. They are trying to find someone who can convince them that there is a God. Perhaps this person is one of those. If they are, treating them with love and respect and in a Jesus-like manner could be the thing that convinces them. How would you feel if treating someone in a non-Christian manner kept someone from finding God? The only thing to do, is to treat them with love and respect. Do not encourage his rudeness, but do not discourage them seeking either.

  6. Ana Teixeira profile image59
    Ana Teixeiraposted 12 years ago

    I understand that it can be upsetting to have someone arguing without knowing exactly what they are all about.. but we can't exactly change the way people choose to interact on hubpages.

  7. Marcy Goodfleisch profile image83
    Marcy Goodfleischposted 12 years ago

    I guess if this is a forum for writers, and it's meant to attract readers, this sort of thing will happen. The poster of any hub can deny publication of comments (from what I can tell), and we do have a community that supports freedom of expression. So maybe if the OP of a hub that's been attacked allows the comment to be published, we should just shrug & go on. Or post a response, if inclined.

    I personally think we NEED non-Hubber viewers who are actively reading and commenting, even if there are occasional disputes. Having traffic from non-Hubbers should raise our stock with advertisers. Otherwise, we are just talking to ourselves.

    FYI - I'm sure the moderators can block true abuse. Not sure how that's defined on this site, but the very busy HubTeam seems dedicated to keeping things civil here.

  8. Erik Parker profile image60
    Erik Parkerposted 12 years ago

    I always like to hear from commenters, no matter who they are. Everyone's opinion is valid, even if they don't conform to your requirements.

  9. Hubpage Gal profile image58
    Hubpage Galposted 12 years ago

    I enjoy getting comments from non hubbers because then I am sure that my writing is being distributed outside of Hubpages and the Google Search Engine is doing its job of providing internet traffic which equals increased earnings.

  10. profile image0
    Robin71posted 12 years ago

    Your right Mrs.Pittman,

    If it's constructive or helpful then I'm all for it.  Asking a question isn't wrong unless your own answer to those who comment is rude and unpleasant.  If you didn't want an honest opinion then why did you pose the question in the first place and yes if they have their own hub account then that is the proper place for them to voice their religious beliefs.  Especially if they are going to get belligerent about it when others voice their opinions.

    That said, I don't believe in bullying of any kind and think that we should be free to speak of all sorts of things in this world.  I also think we can do that in a civilized manner with out dashing anyone else's opinion or feelings.  Not to mention that a lot of us Huber's got into this for the sake of our writing, so we should be prepared for others opinions of our work-be it a complete hub or just a question.

    Well, that's my comment-what's yours.......


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