How do you make your hubs visually appealing?

  1. Skylar Spring profile image74
    Skylar Springposted 6 years ago

    How do you make your hubs visually appealing?

    I've read many hubs on formatting and some wonderful hubs from MissOlive about hub design and I was just wondering what other ideas are out there.

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    donnaisabellaposted 6 years ago

    From the Hubpages weekly Newsletter I got this summary and link to flagship hubs. I believe it will answer you question way better than anyone could in a few short sentences.

    Want to give your Hubs the best possible shot at success?
    We've found that including certain elements in your Hubs can make a huge difference!

    We used to have a special challenge called the Flagship Program which challenged Hubbers to create Hubs meeting a detailed set of very high standards. A total of 156 Hubs were published meeting these specific criteria, and now that they have been published for a while, we have come to discover just how much of a difference those standards have made. The average Flagship Hub has enjoyed an average monthly view count of 2,759 (that's about an average of 92 page views per day) and assuming a $6 CPM average, those Hubs ean around $16.50 each month. As Jason Menayan pointed out on our blog this Monday, these stats "should be heartening to any Hubber, particularly those whose traffic hasn’t “broken through” yet, since there is nothing magical about the Flagship Hub formula."

    Are you interested in learning more about this recipe for a super-strong Hub? Check out the Pro Tips section of the newsletter! By carefully researching your title and topic and including the elements we outline, you'll be giving your Hub a major boost!

    Happy Hubbing,

    Simone Haruko Smith
    Community & Marketing Manager

    The link is in the body of the summary but I am also posting it here!

    I hope it helps you. All the best.

    PS. I find it to be very helpful.