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If I edit a hub is it re rated?

  1. Ironman1992 profile image61
    Ironman1992posted 6 years ago

    If I edit a hub is it re rated?

    If I write a good Hub, hub officals read it and rate it, right? What if I get a 75, but later decide I can do even better, so I edit it and revise it. Do hub officals re read it and re rate it?

  2. Johnrr631992 profile image89
    Johnrr631992posted 6 years ago

    No, not directly. If you erase all your information, then yes the score will go down over time, but no immediate action gets taken when you do end up editing your hubs. And it is suggested to continue editing your hubs to make them better, and improve your score.

  3. M. T. Dremer profile image95
    M. T. Dremerposted 6 years ago

    I don't believe hub officials ever read/rate a hub directly. From what I understand, every hubscore is determined by a series of formulas. For example, word count, spelling, grammar, and keywords can all be calculated with a program. That's why the score fluctuates on a daily basis. It just wouldn't be possible for a live person to read all the hubs every day. The score does tend to receive a boost depending on how new the hub is, how recently you've edited it, and whether or not that topic is hot this week. Ultimately, it is a good idea to go back and edit old hubs to keep them current.

  4. Man from Modesto profile image82
    Man from Modestoposted 6 years ago

    This was true a few years ago, and should reasonably be true today:

    Google notes updates on pages and considers them to be more active, and more likely to be currently correct, and ranks updated pages higher.

    For me, I do not worry so much about the HP score. I consider it a very good metric for appraising the article. However, I write more toward what I understand about Google.

    For both cases, the wisdom M.T. Dremer shared applies.

  5. rajan jolly profile image88
    rajan jollyposted 6 years ago

    I think the number of readers and the google searches detrmine the rating of your hub. If you have more readers and get into the google search engine your hubs start getting a higher rating.
    When you update a hub it is again rated by hubpages since google likes updated hubs and lists it higher up on the search pages.

  6. JamaGenee profile image83
    JamaGeneeposted 6 years ago

    First off, a human Hub Team member only "officially" reads your hub for two reasons:

    1) if you're new to Hubpages and a hub you write during your "honeymoon" period is noticed and gets nominated as a Hub Nugget, or

    2) Your hub is flagged for review by other hubbers because it violates HP policy (pornographic content, for instance, or overly commercial) or the content is substandard (poor grammar, excessive spelling errors, or it's plain gibberish, to name a few).

    The score for any hub you write is determined by software that employs a mystical mathematical formula called an algorithm which uses many factors to come up with a score at any given time.  Among them are number of words, keywords used, the types and number of capsules used (i.e. a hub with multiple text and photos capsules plus a video and a map or a poll scores higher than one that contains only one text capsule and no photos.  Also, traffic and comments from within and outside of HP affect the score. The more traffic, the higher the HP score and the higher your rank on Google.  Hubs that include summaries rank higher than those without one. The length of time a hub has been "up" is yet another factor.  "Ever green" hubs that will generate traffic year round score higher. 

    Your personal hubber score (the number you see in your profile pic) is, again, determined by the algorithm and based partly on how many hubs you've published and partly on how much you interact within the HP community.  This includes reading and rating the hubs of others, leaving comments on hubs you read, being active in the forums (Hubber's Hangout, for instance) and in "Answer". 

    The score on any individual hub will always fluctuate up and down.  That's just the nature of the beast.  Editing a hub whose score has dropped into the 60s may or may not bring it back up.  Adding non-text or non-photo capsules may or may not help.  There's no particular writing style that guarantees a high score, other than it be free of grammar and spelling errors so that it doesn't get flagged for "low quality".  People like what people like.  Hubs I thought would be duds were hits.

    The best advice I can offer is keep writing PLUS visit the hubs of "Hot Hubbers" and study what gets their hubs high scores.