What are back links and what is back linking?

  1. Josh Lakie profile image53
    Josh Lakieposted 6 years ago

    What are back links and what is back linking?

  2. kgala0405 profile image81
    kgala0405posted 6 years ago

    A back link is a link on a any site that links back to your site.  Google sees back links as a vote for your site.  Google assumes people will only link to sites that they find useful.

    Keep in mind not all back links are treated the same.  For instance if a family member has their own website and links to you it won't do much good.  However, if a site like CNET or CNN links to your site you will get a huge boost.  You also need to be sure the pages that link to you are relevant to your site.

    You should also be aware of do-follow and no-follow links.  Many popular sites will turn all outgoing links into no-follow links.  A no-follow link doesn't do you any good when it comes to search results. 

    If you are thinking about doing some back linking, its a good idea to join forum sites that have high PR Google ratings that are also relevant to what you are linking to.  However, before you start adding links its a good idea to get involved with the forum community on the site by posting a few posts that add value to the site.  Later you can start adding your link in your post, but be careful not to SPAM the site.  Their is a fine line between posting a helpful link and SPAM.

    Basically, the more relevant back links that you have the more Google will like you.