Grouping or multiple hub accounts--which is better?

  1. Cameron Corniuk profile image88
    Cameron Corniukposted 6 years ago

    Grouping or multiple hub accounts--which is better?

    I've heard a little discussion about this, but I am curious from those of you who have tried multiple hubs and have earned revenue both ways. Do you think when you create category hubs rather than group your hubs on a single account that it works better for traffic as well as making it easier for the right people to follow you?

  2. ap.publish profile image61
    ap.publishposted 6 years ago

    I am still new here... may be my stats show 1 year but I wasn't active... But I feel the first option Grouping in a single account is helpful. I have seen many hubbers linking their other related articles to their hubs. This interlinking can help you keep readers engaged and interested in your hubs.
    Another reason is personally I found it can be difficult to produce more than 1-2 Quality Hubs/articles in a day. So having another account will divide you time and effort and not to mention your potential earnings.
    You can still go on and create other accounts (based on your genre), anyway I am not experienced enough to really comment on this much. Hope this helps...