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  1. Artin2010 profile image77
    Artin2010posted 8 years ago

    How hard is it to write good informative hubs and who do you want to be fans of your writings? I guess I need to check out new ideas and write more interesting topics. I will never win a Nobel Peace Prize for my work, but if one person reads one of my writings and it is found to be something worth reading, then I have accomplished what I set out to do.
    Becoming fans of a writer here at hubpages is free, so why don't we all have a bunch of fans. Takes time to aquire a following and patience to wait for fans to find you.
    Finding a niche for creative writing isn't easy but, it is possible. I will continue to search for that slot where I fit.
    I suggest that all of you new to this experience of free expression, hang in there and give it your best!
    To those who may read this , may you never experience the discouragements in life that have befalled myself. No this,
    we can and will rise up out of it.

    1. AEvans profile image80
      AEvansposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      You certainly have a very positive attitude and with time the fans do come, I bet you will make a few just because of this thread. smile