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Writers Block! Does anyone have topic ideas to help me get the ball rolling agai

  1. Misty May profile image83
    Misty Mayposted 6 years ago

    Writers Block! Does anyone have topic ideas to help me get the ball rolling again?

    I feel like I'm at a stand still right now and can't think of anything. So if anyone has any ideas for topics I can write about I would appreciate the help. I'm hoping once I start writing about something my inspiration with kick back in and I can get the ball rolling again. big_smile

  2. LoriSoard profile image77
    LoriSoardposted 6 years ago

    Overcoming writer's block is my specialty. Put on some music, watch some television, read and take a break for a short period of time (a few hours or so). Your creative well, as Julia Cameron puts it, may have run dry and need refilled.

    As for topics, I don't think someone else can give you a topic. You have to write what you know. I notice you have a recipe posted. Do you have any other tasty recipes you could share? What about tips for saving time in the kitchen? What other hobbies to you have? I think you see where I'm going. Good luck. I'm sure it will pass soon.

  3. coast2coast79 profile image61
    coast2coast79posted 6 years ago

    Writers block occurs at certain points in the day for me. I notice that I am most productive in the morning. After a few sips of coffee the words just pour out. However, after work or right before bed I cant write effectively at all, let alone have any creative ideas. Sometimes all I have to do is walk away for a short time and come back to it later. My advice would be for you to find your most productive time of day and do it then. Its not always easy because we all have things that need to be done in the course of the day. That might limit your writing time to weekends. It does for me. Its a real bummer. Best of luck to you in breaking that block. Dont worry. The words will come.

  4. itakins profile image87
    itakinsposted 6 years ago

    I know how you feel ! Writer's block can last for a few hours or much longer -so offering a solution may suit one person ,but not another.However ,with the contest coming up in March re writing hubs as answers to questions ,now might be the perfect time for you to stroll your way through the questions ...and something will appeal to you .It's worth a try .

  5. drbj profile image84
    drbjposted 6 years ago

    Flight of fantasy works for me. I think of one idea which leads to another and another, etc. Write each idea down. One of them (or more) may be the perfect topic to write about. Take a look at one of my previous hubs on the subject for some more ideas: http://drbj.hubpages.com/hub/how-to-find-new-topics

  6. mistyhorizon2003 profile image95
    mistyhorizon2003posted 6 years ago

    I think you are already in the right section. Simply browse through the questions until you find one you think you could answer in detail, then instead of answering it in the 'answer this box', select the 'make a hub about it' option instead. This is what the March competition requires as a criteria, and I already have a good few hubs ready to publish on March 1st because I got the topics from questions here.